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Deliverable 1.2: Methodological Framework

This report (Deliverable 1.2) provides the DUST research project with a methodological framework. It builds on the earlier methodology developed during preparation of the project proposal, updating, expanding, and refining it in line with the development of the DUST theoretical and framework (Deliverable 1.1) and the early insights from the research process. The purpose of this report is, first, to present the methodological approach of the DUST project to external audiences. Second, this deliverable aims to provide the DUST project team and the stakeholders and experts involved with methodological guidance on each of the components of the projects and on the ways in which the different methods and research tasks interrelate to produce the expected results. This report is a ‘living document’, subject to updates as the project unfolds and research methods to be used in the specific tasks are further detailed and fine-tuned.


The report outlines the overall methodological approach in the DUST project, including the workflow across its work packages. It also explains the strategy behind selecting the case study areas and briefly presents each of the regions studied. It then covers the research methods used in three phases of the project, namely, in the case study research, in the participatory experimentation following it, and in the exploration of affective communication with the communities engaged in the project. The report closes with a discussion on the synergies between the methods used and the measures taken to ensure validity of findings as well as an overview of the ways in which methodological innovation is delivered

This deliverable has been submitted to the European Commission and is awaiting approval.

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